Bowled Over!

As usual the Livingston Lancers and FIRST did a great job with the kickoff.

We expect this year’s game will be high scoring…Alliance scores in the hundreds! Maybe millions!

Bowled over Video!

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The FTC 2011 Kickoff is Saturday Sept. 10th at Livingston HS!

The season begins with the Kickoff event at Livingston HS at 8:30 am and the Game Reveal at 2:30pm.

The Workshops that were cancelled due to Hurricane Irene have been moved to the kickoff day.

Mad Science’s Day of Service at Central Ave School

The Madison Robotics team lead by Physics Teacher Matthew Blackman went to Central Ave School for a Day of Service Event that introduced robotics to the 4th grade Students.

Student were given robots and had to finish the design by adding a scoop, claw, or arm capable of moving around velcro wrapped ping pong balls and putting them in a goal.

The number of combinations they came up with was astounding with some teams even using geared claws.  The 4th graders were extremely excited and roars and cheers at the end of each round showed how much fun they were having.

‘Mad Science’ competes at the Garden State Rumble NJ State Championship host at NJIT

‘Mad Science’ was one of 48 teams at the NJ FTC State championships held at NJIT on Feb 11th. The team’s qualification for the championship was an accomplishment in itself for a team who started late in the season. ‘Mad Science’ finished in 17th place in the Parkway group. All the other Parkway rookie teams finishing higher were either siblings to well established programs or had FLL experience.

Tune-Up Scrimmage in Englewood, NJ on February 5th.

There will be a Tune-Up Scrimmage in Englewood, NJ on Saturday February 5th so here’s a chance to try out the latest design changes, practice driving and play against championship-bound teams and maybe form some alliances.

Directions Dwight Morrow High School – 274 Knickerbocker Rd, Englewood, NJ

?Robotics Team Qualifies for State Championships!

Madison Patch covers the Robotics team at Frozen Frenzy.

‘Mad Science’ alliance finished #1 at the Frozen Qualifier at LHS!

Lead by MHS Physics Teacher Matthew Blackman the ‘Mad Science’ team and their alliance finished #1 at the Frozen Qualifier at LHS giving us a spot for the New Jersey State Championship. The Scientists had a few tough losses in the early rounds and managed to finish just 1-4, when their partners’ robots had unlucky failures during the matches. But Mad Science consistently scored points every round, managed to balance their Robot Gyarados on the bridge several times, and always scored batons.

Some questions arose in scoring batons when a tipped rolling goal had batons within the them. Should these batons count? Even the experienced judges and NJ First Chair wasn’t sure so in the interest of fair play and gracious professionalism the game was declared a ‘do over’.

The Lancers finished the ranked #3 and picked their fellow Livingston team the Landroids as the first alliance team member. Mad Science managed to impress the Lancers and Landroids enough to pick them as the 3rd team in their alliance team for the final rounds. The alliance easily advanced to the final where they won the first two matches in a best of 2 out of 3 format for a well earned victory.

Mad Science was represented by Christian S., Jesse K., Joseph K.,
Kevin C., Kim M., Nick S., Sean M., Tobias R., and V.J. P.

Finishing first means that Mad Science will have a spot on Feb 19th at NJIT!

Mad Science registered for ‘Frozen Frenzy’ Dec. 18th at LHS

The Mad Science Robotics team is registered for the ‘Frozen Frenzy’ Dec. 18th qualifier at Living High School.

The Lancers have been great hosts at other events including the 2010 NJ kickoff.

Directions to Livingston HS.

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say watt? and what the hex! invites us to open practice

While the Madison Football team was marching to victory over Caldwell to win the state championship (yeah football!) the Robotics team was working on their game plan for the current season.

Say Watt? and Watt the Hex! open their practice field and invited us to work with them. We learned a lot and got a better feel for the work we need to do before our first competition and received some excellent advice and got to take a look at their robots.

Take a look at the photo album for some pics of the event.

Mad Science showcases Robots for the Board of Education

The Alternative Press covers Mad Science’s presentation to the BOE.