Up coming events

June 26th – Outreach Scrimmage at Pope John
July 17th Outreach at the Recreation Center behind the First Baptist Church of Edison.

Hands on with the Robots
9:00 Introduction and FTC Orientation
10:00 Demonstration of Robots in Mini-FTC Challenge
10:30 Robot Design Review – Description Team Members
10:45 Alliance Formation
11:45 New Participants play Training Bot Challenge
12:00 Unveiling the Mixed Platform Game
12:45 Lunch – Mingling and Strategizing
2:45 Mixed Platform Challenge – FTC & Training Robots
3:00 Closing Ceremonies

Table Talk Session

9:30 Benefits of Robotics Program – Finding Advocacy
9:45 School Administration Support – Program Resource Needs
11:00 Team Report on the Atlanta Experience
11:15 Forum on Lessons Learned from 2009 Season
12:30 Fundraising1:30 Being a Coach or Technical Mentor
1:45 Non-Technical Mentoring Opportunities

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