Say Watt? gives an assist to Mad Science

Sept 25, 2001 – Jim Carr of the Say Watt? team stopped by MHS to give Mad Science a lending hand and some loaner parts to get the team started while we wait for our own kits to arrive.

Say Watt? has helped out a lot by hosting outreaches and events and we look forward […]

“GET OVER IT” is the 2010-11 FTC Challenge

First announced the new FTC game for 2010-11

First FTC Kickoff 2010 at Livingston HS Sept 11th!

Livingston High School will be hosting the First Robotics – FTC Season Kick-off Event Saturday, September 11, 2010 – 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM 30 Robert H Harp Drive, Livingston, NJ

There will be Small Group meetings for students/coaches/mentors.

Workshops for students!

And best of all this year’s Game will be announced.

Location: Rms. D167, […]